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    Richard Nance

    Richard Nance is a full time, municipal police officer with a Northern California police department. During his 18+ year law enforcement career, Richard has served as a SWAT Team Leader, Firearms Instructor, and Defensive Tactics Instructor in addition to his patrol duties. He is a lifelong martial artist and Karate Blackbelt. Richard writes for Guns & Ammo and Handguns magazines and is the co-host of Handguns & Defensive Weapons, a Sportsman Channel original TV series. Richard authored the book, GunFight! – An Integrated Approach to Shooting and Fighting in Close Quarters. Richard is the co-founder of WARTAC CQC, LLC.

    Handguns and Defensive
    Weapons is one of the most popular shows on the Sportsman Channel.



    Close Quarter Pistol is a 2-day course.

    This course is based upon the principles of self-defense known as Combatives. Combatives involves simple, proven street level, real world applications of justified use of force in self-defense.

    Combatives is defined as “[a] set of personal combat principles applied to an intentionally limited number of simple (predominantly Western) self-defense and fighting techniques that are easily recalled under duress and able to be linked, creating short combative sequences.”-Kelly McCann

    Close Quarter Pistol addresses the fact that gunfights often occur at distances much closer than shooters would like to think. At arm’s length, compressed reaction times and the presence of contact distance weapons like knives, bludgeons, and even fists can dramatically affect the outcome of the encounter. Gun retention is yet another problem specific to this fast-paced, hyper-violent range of combat.

    Subjects Covered:

    • Firearms Safety Review
    • Dynamics of a Close Quarter Engagement
    • Awareness/Mindset
    • Fending and Striking
    • Fouling the Adversary’s Draw Stroke
    • Facing a Drawn Weapon (Disarming)
    • Fundamentals of Marksmanship (as Related to Close Quarter Shooting)
    • Combat Draw Stroke
    • Shooting from Retention
    • Contact Distance Shooting
    • One-Handed Malfunction Clearing
    • Striking with your Pistol
    • Holstered Handgun Retention
    • In-Hand Handgun Retention
    • Clinch and Ground Applications

    This course will involve both classroom instruction using “blue guns” or similar non firearms as well as supervised live fire shooting.

    This is an active participation course where attendees will have to have some level of physical capabilities in order to fully participate in all activities. It is not required that participants be at an Army Ranger level of fitness, but the ability to move without a great deal of difficulty will enable folks to get the most out of the class.

    Here is an example of one “blue gun” type drill:

    Maximum class size and student to instructor ratio:

    The maximum class size will be set at 20 participants.


    $550 per student

    Insurance/Liability/Casualty Preparedness:

    Participants will be required to sign a a comprehensive waiver and indemnity agreement prior to the start of the course.

    Both Rich Nance and WARTAC CQC, LLC have comprehensive insurance for both the classroom evolutions as well as the live-fire evolutions. Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers’ Club also carries insurance suitable for the events.

    A full trauma bag will be present for all training along with those versed in first aid.


    Sign-ups will be handled online. They will be at a first-come, first-serve basis. Initially, the sign-ups will be restricted to members of the Club who are also USLS of PA members. If that does not fill the spots, then registration will be expanded to non-club members who are USLS of PA members.


    Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers Association in Lower Paxton, PA.
    6611 Hunters Run Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17111


    October 4 and 5, 2016

    What students will need

    (what is not included in the tuition):

    • Handgun (Semi-Auto Pistol or Revolver)
    • 400 rounds of ammunition
    • Minimum of 2 Magazines (Semi-Auto Pistol) or a Speedloader (Revolver)
    • Belt w/Belt-Mounted Holster or suitable IWB or OWB paddle or clip system
    • Magazine Pouch (Semi-Auto Pistol)
    • Wrap Around Eye Protection/Ear Protection
    • Closed toed shoes/active wear shoes (no flip flops, no high heels, no sandals)
    CLOSE QUARTER PISTOL (2-day format)


    A. PowerPoint Presentation

    1. FBI Statistics/Justification for CQC skills
    2. Legal considerations
      • Reasonableness, totality of the circumstances, deadly force,
        SYG, duty to retreat, castle doctrine, disparity of force, etc.
    3. Awareness/mindset
      • Cooper’s Colors
      • OODA
    4. Dynamics of a close quarter engagement
      • Five close quarter caveats
    5. Safety briefing
      • Four universal gun handling rules

    A. Personal Body Weapons

    1. Palm, bottom fist, edge of hand, cupped hand blow,elbow, head, knee
    2. Power development (focus on off-hand)
    3. Combinations (high/low and cycling)

    B. Parrying

    1. Inside, outside

    C. Cover Ups

    1. One arm, two arms
      • To elbow, knee, bottom fist, stomp

    A. Draw to retention first (upside down “L”)

    B. Slightly slower than “Competition” draw stroke (straight line) but more suited for close quarter shooting

    1. Clear garment
    2. Acquire shooting grip and release security features of holster
    3. Draw to retention position (hips square to threat)
    4. Add second hand to grip (two-handed retention position)
    5. Drive gun to threat
    6. Prep trigger when facing known deadly threat
    7. One handed variation

    C. Getting off the “X” drills

    A. Two-handed

    1. Forearms against chest for physical index
    2. Muzzle parallel to ground

    B. One-handed

    1. Palm under chin
    2. Elbow cover (vertical and horizontal)
    3. Heel of hand indexed to chest, shooting wrist locked, gun canted outward, muzzle oriented in vicinity of pelvis

    A. Control near side hand

    B. If possible, keep muzzle from contacting suspect

    C. “Slide override” when contact shot required

    D. Tap, rack, and access variations

    A. When appropriate

    B. Target areas and striking surfaces

    C. Striking mechanics

    D. Follow up (tap, rack, and assess)


    A. Slow fire 5-shot group @ 7 yards

    B. V-TAC ½ & ½ drill

    1. 10 A zone hits in 12 Seconds from 20 yards
    2. 10 A zone hits in 6 seconds from 10 yards
    3. 10 A zone hots in 3 seconds from 5 yards

    C. One handed variation (Getting off the X drills)

    A. Various strikes to pad, detach, draw, assess, shoot

    1. Off-hand strikes to create distance, draw, and assess

    A. Push, Pull, & Twist Technique

    1. Step forward and allow gun to collapse to chest
    2. Drive muzzle into assailant
    3. Pull and twist to break grip
    4. Tap, Rack, Assess

    B. Pry Technique ***Strike then pry***

    1. Pry from the outside
    2. Knee variation
    3. Ground variations

    A. Secure and Strike Methodology

    1. Secure gun is holster and lower base
    2. Strike available targets to affect release
    3. Wall variations
    4. Ground variations

    A. Get off-line

    1. Clear along horizontal plane

    B. Control weapon

    1. Grab wrist initially
    2. Grab slide/cylinder (fingers up/down)

    C. Acquire weapon

    1. Pull gun to chest

    D. Attack assailant

    1. Strike with gun or personal body weapons

    E. Rear application

    1. Rear application

    F. Hail Mary w/ handgun, long gun, knife ***on mats***

    A. Get off-line

    1. Clear along horizontal plane

    B. Control Weapon

    1. Grab forend
    2. Overhook weapon

    C. Attack the Gunman

    1. Elbow strikes to head

    D. Acquire Weapon

    A. Movement to outside

    1. To avoid being smothered and surrounded

    B. Proximics

    1. Try to align assailants one behind the other

    C. Threat Prioritization

    1. Distance dictates shooting platform and pace


    A. Simulate Push, Pull, and Twist followed by “Immediate action”

    A. Face uprange and simulate hooking elbow and spinning assailant

    B. Turn 180-degrees to face downrange, draw, and assess

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