Top 5 Gun Myths in Pennsylvania

It is important for lawful gun owners to have the right information about gun ownership and their rights. Unfortunately, there are so many myths and misconceptions related to guns and firearms. Here are 5 that are very common.

#1 My father passed away and left me a handgun. How do I get it registered in my name?

There is no gun registry in Pennsylvania and there is no gun registry for handguns federally. Therefore, there is no paperwork that you need to do. The gun is legal.

#2 Only I can carry a gun that I bought myself.

This is false. If you own a gun, your partner or family member can carry your gun provided that they are not banned under federal or state law. If that is the case, there is no issue for that person to carry your weapon. If they wish to carry concealed however, they must have a valid license to carry firearms.

#3 If my spouse is a person not to possess, I can’t have guns in my house.

Just because your spouse or someone in your household is banned from possessing firearms, does not mean that you lose your rights. You are allowed to have a gun but it is highly advised that you lock it in a safe that only you have access to when it is not in your possession. This is more to protect your partner from getting into trouble. So do not leave the gun or even ammunition lying around.

#4 If a game warden wants to talk to me while I am hunting, I must answer their questions.

This is a long standing notion and even game wardens are taught. However, you still have your Fifth Amendment rights and may choose to stay silent as you can with the police. Usually it is best to remain silent because people often talk themselves into trouble rather than talk their way out of trouble.

#5 I cannot carry hollow point rounds in my self defense weapon.

This myth is prevalent amongst law enforcement, especially in Philadelphia. There is no law that restricts hollow points in Pennsylvania. You can carry them in your weapon legally.

It is always important to have the right information so that you do not unknowingly get into trouble and so that you don’t relinquish your rights because of some urban legend.